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This Is What Our Grocery Shelves Would Look Like Without Bees

The buzzing, stinging, pesky bee - does its positive traits outweigh its negative ones? How many times have you ran in circles, swatted at, or yelled your frustration at a bee? If you're like me, the number is countless. I have wondered (knowing…

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Tag – You’re it!

Informative care tags by Willyfresh Plants “Accurate information is a key part of motivation.” – Mary Ann Allison What is on a plant tag? Is it worth looking at? Why are they there in the first place? If you’re like me, one or all of…

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New Orleans, Here We Come!

The wait is finally over! Next week, June 11-13th, we will be exhibiting at the “International Floriculture Expo” in New Orleans, LA. We have spent hours upon hours creating a brand new booth, and are so excited for what this convention…

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The "Power Series"

How to know that your Fleurette is ‘Willyfresh’! Fleurette (flʊəˈrɛt; flɜː-) or fleuret n 1. (Antiques) an ornament resembling a flower [C19: French, literally: a small flower, from fleurflower] Collins English Dictionary –…

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The International Flori-culture Expo: June 10-13, 2014

Ever wondered what a mass market trade show looks like? Imagine over 150 exhibitors, 400 buyers, and 205,000sq.ft of rows and rows of everything floral imaginable! IFE is the only U.S. trade event where people from every facet of the floral industry…

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Welcome to the world of Willyfresh Plants!

"Flowers always make people better, happier and more helpful; they are sunshine, food and medicine to the soul." - Luther Burbank This is the launch of an exciting and informative news section about Willyfresh plants, including who we are, what we…

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