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The "Power Series"

How to know that your Fleurette is ‘Willyfresh’!

Fleurette (flʊəˈrɛt; flɜː-) or fleuret

1. (Antiques) an ornament resembling a flower

[C19: French, literally: a small flower, from fleurflower]

Collins English Dictionary – Complete and Unabridged© HarperCollins Publishers 1991, 1994, 1998, 2000, 2003

A Fleurette is what I like to call a ‘modern day twist’ on the classic and well known plant, a Chrysanthemum. Fleurette’s came into existence around 1990, and their popularity has been growing ever since. They are naturally compact, and when in bloom, are topped with a profuse

number of one-inch flowers. These dainty flowers are the main reason why their reputation has grown over the past couple decades!

Willy’s Greenhouse has been working with Fleurette’s around 20 years, and during that time has gained the North American patents for 6 different Fleurette varieties, that we call the Power Series”. The varieties, aptly named Power White, Power Yellow, Power Purple, Power Rose, Power Bronze and Power Red, have been developed by Willy’s Greenhouse through the process of natural mutation. When an existing flower blooms out a slightly different colour, we take that cutting, cut it down, keep it in the light and wait for new

cuttings to grow from the existing plant. From here, we plant the new cuttings, and after 9 weeks of grow time, see if the new blooms are the same slightly different colour as the one we cut down. If so, we will continue to repeat these steps until we can prove that our new found variety is pure. This takes time, patience, a keen eye for colour, and the desire to continue producing new varieties!

We are the only company that grows and produces these particular 6 varieties. If you see one of these varieties in store, you can be sure that they are a Willyfresh Fleurette!

Interested in the size, watering, light or temperature preferences of a Fleurette? Here’s some useful information about the how, what, where and why’s of this beautiful flower! The plant tends to range from 7-9” in height, and 7-9” in width. They require watering every day, to every other day, depending on their temperature and light level, so be sure to avoid letting the soil dry out! Fleurettes prefer bright, indirect sunlight. Steer clear of direct afternoon light which can be too intense for a Fleurette, and advance the flowering too quickly. You will see a Fleurette thrive best at office and home

temperatures, preferably 15 to 20°C, or 60 to 65°F. Avoid placing Fleurettes on appliances that give off heat, such as a radio or television, or near heater vents or windy locations. This can tend to dry out the plant quicker. For more care tips and Frequently Asked Questions, check out the

following link - http://www.willyfreshplants.com/care-tips/fleurettes

See a Willyfresh Fleurette at a store near you? Let us know! We love to get emails of pictures, questions, or comments about your very own Willyfresh plant.

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